Wednesday, February 3

Open House

So another week has passed here at St John Fisher, and it was a busy one! I had two presentations to do and Saturday was the Winter Open House!!

My first presentation was for Zoology lab and the topic I had to present was on the phylum Hydrozoas. That includes a lot of cool animals like the hydra and the Portuguese man-of-war jellyfish. After my presentation, Dr. Freeman brought out hydras and Portuguese man-of-wars for us to look at and if you are brave enough to touch!! I didn’t touch them though, I was too squeamish!!

The second presentation of the week was for Spanish. I researched various characteristics of the Latin-American country, Colombia and shared them with the class all in Spanish!! I was so nervous but my roommate helped me practice the presentation a few times, so by the time I gave it to the class I was really comfortable!

The Winter Open House was the perfect way to finish off the busy week! The first part of the open house I met lots of families looking to decide where they want to go for college, and from what I heard a lot of them were planning to come to good ole SJFC! The second part of the open house, when I would usually give tours, my boss asked me if I would show my dorm room to families! Initially I was sad that I wasn’t able to give tours, but a lot of the families still asked me a lot of questions about how I like living on campus, and it was really interesting to hear how all the other tour guides talk about the dorm rooms and St John Fisher in general!

Until next week..


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