Thursday, February 4

Cardinal Crazies and Computer Ethics

Hey Everyone!

Just an update, last week when I wrote, I was looking forward to my basketball game against Nazareth College. We ended up winning by 20 points! It was a great game, the gym was packed full of people and it was a really fun atmosphere to play in. The Cardinal Crazies cheering section was nuts! It was nice to see so many fans there, not only in support of our game but also in support of the Golisano Children’s Hospital. I hope there is just as good of a turn-out when we play them again at Nazareth on the 16th of February!!

This past weekend was pretty laid back, didn’t do much of anything except for homework and studying. I have my first two exams as a Management major this week! Also, I am surprisingly looking forward to writing my first position in my Computer Ethics class. We get to choose any new technology that is being researched or tested in science today, talk about how it affects people that may use it and the ethical implications that may be encountered with it. It's cool because it is mostly your opinion on the topic. I’m just not really sure which new and exciting technology to research!!

I guess that’s all for now…Talk to you soon!


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