Tuesday, February 2

Our Biggest Rivals!!

Well, once again I have had a very busy week!! Tuesday night was probably the highlight of my week! Tuesday night Fisher played against Nazareth in basketball, our biggest rival! The game was sold out and all the profits from the game went to the Golisano Children’s Hospital. The game was intense because the score was so close the entire time. Also, the Fisher fan section, known as the Cardinal Crazies, did a great job keeping the energy and enthusiasm going the whole game! The Cardinal Crazies just started up again this year, and already they are making a huge impact! After a close, intense game, Fisher did win!

The rest of my week was not as exciting as the game, but I did start teaching at my field placement for my education class. I am at School #16 in the city and I am in a Kindergarten class!! The children are so cute and I cannot wait to go back this Friday and see them again! Being an education major, every semester you are placed in a school where you complete a certain amount of hours. I love getting the experience and seeing the children every week!

Well, I better get back to my work. I am creating a classroom website for one of my classes and trying to not get distracted that Spring Break is coming very quickly!!! : )
Talk to you next week!!

Brittany : )

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