Thursday, February 18

Blog Valentines Day

Hi Everyone!

This week flew by again! It’s hard to believe Spring break is less than two weeks away. This semester is flying.

This weekend I went home to surprise my family! I do not have a car on campus so I took a train home. On Friday, it was a long ride, four hours, from here to Albany. Although, it was a nice ride. Even though I was home I still had a lot of homework to do. I did not want to do it but I knew I would be really far behind if I did not get it done. I worked mainly on two projects, both were annotated bibliographies. One was for my children’s literature class and the other for social studies. They both require about 10 books both picture and chapter that I must read. For the children’s literature project my topic is family and for my social studies project it is the Holocaust. I have made my way through a lot of books on family and have found some really good books and new authors that I am finding fun and interesting.

Well, here goes another week! Talk to you guys next week!


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