Thursday, February 18

A night at the movies!

Hey everyone!

This week has been pretty low key; basketball is coming to an end. We have our last regular season game tomorrow night vs. Utica and then the next few weeks will just be filled with practices in preparation for out post season!!

Tomorrow after my game I’m going to be attending the movie Shutter Island with my roommate and two friends that live next door to me in my dorm building. I’m super excited!! We got the tickets for only $3.00 here at Fisher! There is a club here called Commuter Council and they are always planning really cool activities off campus designed for the commuters here to get involved. Luckily they open up the activities to everyone, so anyone who isn’t a commuter can go as well :-) I’m up for a $3.00 movie any night!! They also plan a lot of trips to go bowling, which I have not been able to attend, but my roommate has, and said it was a bunch of fun!!

Hopefully the movie won’t be TOO scary!!

Until Next Week- Kristi

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