Wednesday, February 17

Busy Weekend!

This weekend at Fisher was a busy one! My weekend started out with classes all day Friday, and a small nap before the Teddi Dance for Love started at 8! The dance was so much fun! It seemed like the entire campus came out to dance for and support Camp Good Days and Special Times. To keep all the dancer’s energy levels up there was a ton of food available all the time – they had Papa John’s pizza and even a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream bar! Yummm! They even fed us breakfast, lunch and dinner so nobody would have to leave the dance to go eat!

My favorite hour to dance in was definitely the Michael Jackson hour. So many people dressed like him and attempted to impress their friends with their version of the moonwalk. None of my friends were impressed when I showed them what I had been practicing all week :-( But I did get some pointers from someone who could do it well and I think I improved by the end of the night.

So after the 24 hours of dancing my butt off I went straight to bed until Sunday afternoon! Dancing for that long takes a lot out of you! But unfortunately I could not take Sunday to relax because I had to study and finish homework for this week. That was a bummer but I spent all day in the library and got everything done just in time to grab a bite to eat at the Fishbowl and head straight to bed!

This weekend I plan to kick back, relax and hangout with my roomie. We already borrowed movies from the library (which you can do for free!). We plan to watch The Hangover and The Time Traveler’s Wife – I am so excited because neither of us has seen the movies yet!

I’ll let ya know how they are!


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