Wednesday, February 17

Just Dancin the night away…

Hello All!

This weekend was our Teddi Dance for Love. It’s a 28 year tradition here at Fisher and we had a great turnout! It’s a dance to raise funds for the kids at Camp Good Days and Special Times. The reason why this dance is so special to Fisher in particular is because one of the football coaches here started the dance after his daughter died. Anyone can come and be a dancer or volunteer; its always a good time!

This year was my first time going to the event for the full 24 hours and I volunteered during. I went with my friend Amanda whose boyfriend Jimmy emceed. We all had fun. We had a lot of area sponsors too so there was plenty of food and prizes to go around. I won two Build-A-Bears! And they had things like Red Bull and Ben & Jerry's come! Needless to say I needed all that dancing to burn off all the food I ate! After this weekend I am so happy I raised funds and did the whole 24 hours, I cant wait for next year!

This week is unfortunately full of work but the good news is Spring Break is only about a week away! Tonight I have a GRE prep course, therefore I better get to studying! (I guess I shouldn’t complain though because its free and had they not come to Fisher I wouldn’t of known about it!!)

Until next time,

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