Monday, February 15

Teddi & The Olympics!!

So I had been looking forward to this past Friday for a long time. Friday night started the Teddi Dance for Love and the Olympics!! I spent the beginning part of my Friday night watching the opening ceremonies in my dorm room. I love the Olympics so I try and watch as much of it as possible!

Friday night was also the beginning night of the 24 hour Teddi Dance. The Teddi Dance is a 24 hour dance that raises money for Camp Good Days which is a camp that children with cancer and other life challenges can go to! So, at midnight was my time to show my support for Teddi and raise some money!! The dance team performed our routine to Evacuate the Dance Floor at midnight to get the students who were dancing for 24 hours excited and re-energized. Everyone loved the dance and the people who were dancing the night away were so full of energy it was great! There were so many people at the dance it was nice to see so many students taking time out of their busy lives and giving back.

Overall, the whole dance rose over $45,000!!! There are so many opportunities at Fisher to volunteer and do community service which is great! It is such a great feeling to be able to give back!

Well, as I am writing this I am watching more of the Olympics in my friend’s dorm room! I will be doing a lot of this I am sure!! Better get back to watching it!!

Brittany : )

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