Monday, February 15

Weekend Away

Hey there again.

This week has been quite busy. Work is on an increase in every class, I just had an exam today that took a very long time, and it was difficult. Funny thing is, it was open book. I mean, its college, right? Other than that, everything else is going well. Nothing too crazy. Our building put on an event for the Super bowl. Let me tell you, it was a lot of fun. There was a lot of food there as well as people. Whichever residence building between Haffey and Ward brought the most canned-food items will receive an ice cream party for the building. We have yet to find out!

Last weekend, I took my “weekend away” which every RA gets once a month and I went home. It was nice to go home and come back for about another week or so then I'll go home on Spring Break!

Hope all is well with you people.

Until next time... this has been,


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