Thursday, February 25

Chemistry! Chemistry! Chemistry!

This week was a big one here at Fisher for all general chemistry students! The first homework set was due and we have our first exam!!

The chemistry department here on campus is different to the same old lecture type classes, they use the POGIL method. This method uses group work to solve problems together and learn the method by doing, rather than seeing. This method I believe is much more effective because we the students learn while working through problems, getting experience under our belts before the quizzes and exams.

This week our homework set was due. The homework problems are created by our own Dr. Walczak- they are not generic textbook questions. The homework challenges what you learn in class and makes you take that extra step of understanding. The homework sets also prepare you for the exam, and even future chemistry courses.

The best part about the Chemistry department are the professors! They are so friendly and so willing to teach and assist students. Dr. Walczak and the rest of the General Chemistry professors have been known to stay into the early hours of the morning to help students with the homework, to study and even chemistry lab write ups!

Well I have to go take the first chem. exam of the semester! Wish me luck and I’ll let you know how it went!


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