Wednesday, February 10

Home for the weekend : )

This past weekend I decided to go home! I did not have a lot of work to do, so I figured it was a good weekend to go home! It was nice to relax and not have to worry about school things for a few days. Plus, a home cooked meal is always nice!! While home, I spent time with my family and visited my friends and cousin at one of the colleges in Albany. I drove back to Fisher Monday morning and went right to class. As I was sitting in class, I realized that there are only 13 more class days until I leave for Spring Break!!! I could not believe that Spring Break will be here before I know it!!

Once again, I will be very busy this week! I found out where I will be completing my Childhood Education hours this semester, so I have to make a stop at School 23 and meet my class! I am looking forward to that! This weekend is also the Teddi Dance for Love, and the dance club will be dancing at midnight!! I am excited to be able to support such a good cause!! I also have to find time to get to the mall (which is very close to Fisher!!) so I can do some Spring Break shopping!! Tonight, the dorm I live in is putting on a Valentine’s Day night, where there will be food, we can make Valentines and there is a contest to see whoever can find the two keys hidden in the building first will win movie & dinner gift certificates! Hopefully I will be able to attend that!

Well, that is all so far for this week!!

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