Monday, February 22

One Week to Go!!!

Well, this is the last week before Spring Break, and boy I cannot wait until Friday is here because that is when I will be on a plane flying to Bonita Springs, Florida!! I have a feeling I will have a hard time concentrating this week because I am pretty much just thinking about going on vacation!!

This past weekend I went to the Fisher basketball game. It was the last basketball game of the regular season. We played Utica College, and beat them!! Once again, sooo many students came out to be part of the “Cardinal Crazies” which is the student fan section! The fans do really get into the game, which is great! They all wear Cardinal Crazies shirts and really get the rest of the spectators into the game! On Sunday, I spent most of the day working on homework. I am taking an Education class where I need to co-teach a lesson so I spent majority of the day creating that assignment. I really like my Education classes because we always get to do different, fun assignments. Sunday night, I hung out in my friend’s dorm room and caught up on what we did over the weekend since I did not see her because she had gone home! We also watched the USA vs. Canada hockey game which was sooooo good to watch!!

Well, I am counting down the days until I am away from snowy New York and in sunny Florida!! When I write next, I will be writing from the beach in Florida!! Can’t even wait!! : )


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