Tuesday, February 23

Shutter Island

Hello Everyone!

This week/weekend was very eventful! After coming back on Monday afternoon from my weekend at home it was time to get to work. It was a busy week and I was so excited when Friday finally came along.

This weekend I went to see Shutter Island with a couple of my friends. It was an amazing movie! I would suggest it to anyone! I went with my friends Kristi, Andrea, and Arielle. It was a 10 pm movie at Pittsford Plaza which is about 5 minutes from school. It is a great location to go see a movie, get an ice cream at Coldstone, or shop. There is also a Wegman’s and a couple restaurants in the plaza. It gets crowded on the weekends, so if you are going to go be aware that you need to leave a little early to get a parking spot. Although, it is worth it because the movie theater gives a student discount, so you only pay $7 to see a movie. That is a lot better than the $10.25 I pay at home!

We actually saw Shutter Island through an event that a club at school put on. Earlier in the week we all got an email from Commuter Council saying that they are selling tickets to see the movie on Friday for only $3!!! That is a great deal since the movie just came out on Friday. There are a lot of events and opportunities like that on campus. They are definitely worth going to because you will always see a lot of other people there from Fisher. We saw so many people from school at the movie theater.

Friday, we leave for spring break! There is a lot to get done before then! Talk to you all next week!


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