Wednesday, March 17


Hey everyone!

This week has been flying by! Seeing as this year is coming to a close it is getting pretty crazy around here. I have been spending all of my free time in some of the local city schools doing observations.

As an Education major, we are required to complete a certain amount of time each semester inside the classroom at one of the local schools. Each semester requires certain work and hours in the classroom. The education department has broken down classes into blocks.

You begin your work in what we call “pre-block.” Once you have completed that you must apply to the Ralph C. Wilson school of education before moving onto block one. The program consists of 4 blocks the final one being student teaching. Each of the blocks build upon each other therefore, you are well prepared by the time you enter a classroom.

As a block one student in Childhood Education I am required to complete 20 hours of observation, present a social studies lesson plan, and conduct a read aloud. As a block one Special Education major I am required to complete 10 hours of observation along with one read aloud. As you can see this is a lot of extra time. I have been working in the classrooms for about two weeks now and it is an amazing experience.

I was a little nervous to begin with but everyone that I have met has been so welcoming. It is a great way to really “get your feet wet.” A big plus for me in this program was that you can be in a classroom doing observations as early as your freshman year. If you are interested in education but are not quite sure, this is a big plus.

Hope everyone has a great week!


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