Monday, March 15

Feels like Spring!!!

Well, I was all sad about having to leave the nice weather in Florida, but the weather out here in Rochester this past week has been great! Every day it was sunny and the temperatures started getting warmer! With having such nice weather, I took full advantage of going outside! One afternoon, my friends and I played Kan Jam (a very popular game here at Fisher!) for the entire afternoon! I had never heard of this game, until I came to Fisher. For those of you who also have not heard of it, the point of the game is to throw a Frisbee and try and get it in the large can. Whatever team gets to 21 points first wins. I had fun playing the game and enjoying the sun! I love when the weather turns nice because everyone wants to be outside.

This week I will be very busy with dance practices because our spring show is coming up in 2 weeks. I have practice for 3 hours tonight to get ready for the show. I also am going to be busy working on my field experience hours for my Childhood and Special Education classes. I need to have 40 hours of classroom time done for my Childhood classes and 15 hours done for my Special Education classes by the end of the semester, which is quickly approaching! Hopefully I will have time to enjoy the weather this week again because I hear it is going to be nice!!


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