Thursday, March 18

Spring is among the students of Fisher!

As the snow melts and the temperature rises, so does the spirit of the students at St. John Fisher College. Slowly flip flops start to be worn and very few Northfaces can be seen, picnic tables start to emerge all over campus, purple ribbons are tied around trees for the Relay for Life, which is only a short two weeks away – it’s a wonderful sight because it reminds everyone that Summer vacation is only a few short months away.

For the first time since fall I was able to spend a few glorious hours outdoors – unfortunately it was doing homework but the weather was too nice to be in a bad mood. As I wrote my essay I was often distracted by the abundance of squirrels that were scampering around looking for the nuts they buried last winter. After a solid three hours enjoying the outdoors, I realized I only had written a page of my paper- so I decided to move into the library until I get my work done. While I was walking I noticed a shamrock taped to the stairway and did not think anything of it since it was St. Patrick’s Day, but about 30 seconds after seeing the shamrock I remembered seeing an email that SAB was hiding shamrocks all over campus and if you found one you were eligible for a brand new Ipod touch! So I hurried back down the stairs only to discover the Shamrock has gone! UGHHH I was quite upset since I could have used a new Ipod – but what more could I do? I guess I can just win the next scavenger hunt SAB has!! : )


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