Thursday, April 29

Finals Week...

Hello All,

I can’t believe junior year is over! I handed in my last paper today and I must say I feel pretty good. Next week is Senior Week and should be a lot of fun. Currently I'm trying to get my plans for summer together. I closed on my first apartment the other day. I feel so old! I think living on my own for the summer will be good though. Plus Rochester is a great city and I’ve made a lot of friends out this way because of Fisher. I’m preparing research for the fall to do a political science independent study so I need to start thinking of ideas! I also just booked tickets for California the other day. I’ll be going with Fisher to California for a conference since I’m President of National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH). I must say, because I’m involved I’ve learned and seen a lot of great things. One of the benefits here at Fisher is all the conference experience you can obtain. Since I’ve been at Fisher I’ve been to Tucson, Europe, Philadelphia, Boston, Cortland and now San Diego. I love traveling and the lessons I take away from conferencing is something that will accompany me in my professional career. Well I will have to let you know how moving this week goes! Hopefully it won’t be a hot mess!

Until next time,


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