Friday, May 28

Great Beginnings

Classes have been done for a few weeks now and the summer sun is finally making an appearance. It only seems fitting that with the perfect weather comes one of my favorite Fisher events, the Great Beginnings program. Every year in May students who have chosen Fisher as their destination college come to the campus for a mini-orientation as well as an introduction to the academics and campus life that will become theirs for the next four years.

This year I had the opportunity of serving as a Student Ambassador for the Program helping direct students throughout the day. It was a great experience and even on off days myself and the other Ambassadors kept busy attending events all over Rochester. We were able to check out the Lilac Festival which is one of Rochester’s biggest summer events. Food booths are set up all over the Highland Park area of Rochester and the Festival is completed with a series of concerts as well. The group also enjoyed an amazing dinner at Delmonico’s Italian Steakhouse in East Henrietta. Movie nights at the dollar theatre in Henrietta and bowling in Fairport were also fun additions to the two week experience of being a Great Beginnings Ambassador.

The Program itself is dedicated to the incoming students, our newest members of the Fisher family, the class of 2014. Students were able to preview their first semester courses, meet with their Advisors, and get an opportunity to experience the dining hall and the rest of the Fisher campus. Serving as a Great Beginnings Ambassador reminded me of myself two years ago attending the same event prior to my academic start at Fisher. It’s crazy how far I’ve come and how many experiences and opportunities my studies at Fisher have brought me. I would have never thought two years ago sitting in the audience, that I would one day be a Great Beginnings Ambassador like the student role models I saw. I think it’s safe to say the program had another successful year and what do you know, it was another great beginning!

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