Monday, May 24


Hello All,

This past week has been great! I’ve been in Florida for the past 5 days and it’s been amazing. Today I traveled to Ft. De Soto and Siesta Key, which were both breathtaking. This past week I’ve also done a lot of other things. I went to the Tampa Bay Rays game on Monday night. My friend Giorgio is actually interning with the Rays and it was great meeting up with him. Its so great being able to travel and still see people from Fisher. The relationships you make in college really can make a difference. On that same thought of ‘making all the difference,’ I think now would be a good time to bring up an important topic incoming freshmen often wonder. “How will I know I am choosing the right college?” In all honesty I tell everyone who has ever taken a tour with me the following words-“It will just feel right.” I’m a firm believer that you need to visit the college in order to tell if it’s really right for you. I’m not going to lie, and trust me I’ve been there, choosing college is a huge amount of pressure and decision-making. That’s why talking to the right people really makes all the difference. The staff here at Fisher’s Admissions Office is readily available to you and is there to answer any of your questions along the way. Below is the link that will lead you to the site that tells you which counselor at Fisher focuses in your area.

Who is my Counselor?

Well time to pack up for my flight tomorrow!

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