Tuesday, June 1

Memorial Day Weekend

Hello All!

Well, another hot summer week has gone by in Rochester. I realized this week how much I appreciate air conditioning in my little studio apartment. On Monday it was a nice 80 something degrees out and my brilliant self decided that going for a run was a great idea. Negative! That was a big fail on my part when I didn’t have air conditioning! Luckily my wonderful parents came and installed one on Tuesday. :) Besides the heat, I’ve been very busy with work and doing work for my non for profit in the city. I applied for my senior audit the other day and it’s hard to believe I only need like 12 more credits to graduate!

Since Monday is Memorial Day, I thought it was ever so fitting to blog about our tuition kick back here at the college. As an RA and Ambassador here at the college I can honestly and proudly say that we have several students here that serve. The college last year signed onto a program that allowed those who have served at least 36 months to be eligible to receive up to full tuition/costs, monthly housing allowance and a yearly book stipend! We are a proud Yellow Ribbon Program participant! If you'd like more info you can logon to the site Yellow Ribbon Program.

Enjoy the holiday and to all those serving THANK YOU!

Until next time,

Nicole <3

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