Monday, June 14

The Green!


Hope everyone had a great long weekend! I figured since the weather is nice, I’d blog about something very fitting…

If there’s one thing I’ve come to know about Rochester, it’s that it takes its golf pretty seriously! With a number of public and private courses, any golf lover would fall for Rochester. The great part is, unlike places like Florida and Arizona where there’s great golfing but very warm weather; Rochester gets pretty warm but still remains cool enough to stay comfortable while on the green. Fisher itself has its own 9 hole golf course! Whether you finish up class early or want to de-stress before work that day, hitting a few before you go in is perfect and convenient! Plus it's free to all Fisher students!

Another great thing about Fisher’s love of golf are not only our women and men’s teams but the opportunities you have in regards to internships. Some of the internships/permanent positions friends of mine have gotten through our Sport Management Department here include: working with the Junior PGAs, the LPGA and Augusta National! So if golf is a love of yours, Fisher just might be the place for you!

Well Until next time!

Nicole <3

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