Monday, June 14

Summer Shape

Now that Great Beginnings has come to a close it's time to get into summer shape and burn off all the extra baggage that our wonderful culinary service (Lackmann) has contributed to throughout the year. For those of you who don’t know, at Fisher it is not the “Freshman Fifteen” but instead the “Freshman Thirty Five”.

Lackmann is our culinary provider at Fisher and they stock full all the different dining locations with everything from their famous chicken tender melts at the 50’s Fishbowl Diner, to their amazing taco salads every Tuesday at the Ward-Haffey Dining Hall. If given the choice of staying on campus and eating or going out to eat, my answer would easily be to stay on campus. It’s safe to say that we are a little more than spoiled with the dining services here at Fisher and the few extra pounds I’ve added are more evidence than needed (thanks Lackmann!)

Now that the school year has come to a close and summer's well under way its time to get in shape before the vacations and beach trips begin! At Fisher we have two large gyms located in the Student Life Center as well a weight room and newly renovated fitness center. The fitness center's one of my favorite spots on campus. In front of each treadmill there is a mounted plasma screen TV so I can keep up on my reality TV addiction and still have time to get all my cardio in. Along with the gyms and fitness centers, Fisher has also announced the building of a new Track and Field complex after a generous donation of $3 million for the construction from the Polisseni Foundation.

Because of the generous donation for the new track Fisher will now be home to the newest varsity sports of Track & Field, Cross Country, and women’s Field Hockey. I cannot wait for the construction of the new track to begin and excited that I’ll have my entire senior year to use it, no more sneaking off to Nazareth down the road to use their track!

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