Monday, June 14

Golf Tournament

It’s already mid June and I have yet to make a trip to the beach with friends! My workload between life guarding at a country club and working for Fisher during the days has put a bit of a damper on my beach front plans. Luckily, there are still two full months of summer left to fit it all in. Once again this past week was consumed by work, but last Monday I was able to make an appearance at Fisher’s summer golf tournament.

This year I had the opportunity to serve as the student speaker at Fisher’s annual Golf Tournament at the Oak Hill Country Club. Oak Hill is right around the corner from the college’s campus and has served as the site for the tournament since the early 1990’s. Each year hundreds of participants come to the Fisher golf tournament and all proceeds made go towards the numerous scholarships Fisher offers to new students each year. Funding for the First Generation, Service, Science, and Honors scholarships, come from a portion of the proceeds made at the Golf Tournament.

Serving as the guest student speaker I had the opportunity to thank many of the scholarship donors first hand for their generous contributions that provide unthinkable opportunities for many students like myself. This year the tournament raised approximately $150,000 for scholarships; this is a $40,000 increase over last year! The tournament was the 28th Annual Scholarship Tournament that specifically honors Father Lavery and Father Dorsey, who were key leaders in bringing life into the College during its early years. The Tournament, to date, has raised over $900,000 for scholarships at Fisher hopefully by next summer we will be able to surpass the $1,000,000 mark.

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