Friday, June 18

This Campus is toed up!

In the words of one of YouTube’s newest stars, Glozell, “This Campus is toed up”! If you haven’t had a chance to check out Fisher this summer then what you’re missing is a dozen of bull dozers, cranes, and various construction signs throughout campus. With the Buffalo Bills coming to campus in July, Fisher’s in full speed mode to get all the construction done before the NFL team’s arrival.

The Lavery Library will now have a covered walkway beginning from the Campus Center and looping around the Library to Kearney Hall. Students will definitely appreciate this new addition especially since the walk to the Library and Kearney are two of the only academic buildings that do not have a connecting hallway or covered walkway. The steps to Lavery Library will also be getting a makeover with the renovations beginning shortly. The new walkway will look similar to the current walkway that’s located between the Campus Center and Nursing Building.

Dorsey Hall, an upperclassmen residence hall, will also feature a new entrance when construction is complete late this month. Parking lots throughout campus are being repaved as well (hopefully some additional parking spots will be added if we keep our fingers crossed)! I can’t wait for the campus construction to come to a close so that I can check out the newest look to the Fisher campus.

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