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It’s been awhile since my last blog but lately it seems life has been going in fast forward!

I just got back yesterday from the National Conference of NACURH in San Diego. It was my first time going to the West Coast and I must admit that it took me off guard when I found out that NY was not only warmer but experienced an earthquake while I was gone!? Nonetheless, the conference was productive and now I find myself back in NY, preparing for a huge work party tomorrow, LSAT prep class starting in less than 3 weeks and getting ready for a trip to Tampa in 2 weeks. Life doesn’t seem to slow down!

Amidst the business of the conference this weekend I found myself stopping to think about things. It was about 3am Tuesday on the West Coast when I got the message. It was one of those moments when everything stops. All your thoughts really go blank and in the middle of my preparation for my corporate meeting the next day that seemed oh-so-important at the time just suddenly didn’t. “Lance Cpl. Timothy Serwinowski who was 21 years old, was killed in Afghanistan.” He only had 2 weeks left in Afghanistan. Timmy and I graduated together back in 07. We both weight lifted together in high school and had similar friends. It was really hard hearing the news.

A few days later, on my connecting flight coming back from Chicago, As I was boarding the plane a man shouted “I went to Fisher!” as he pointed to my jacket. His name was Ned, and was a 1966 grad of Fisher. It was so surprising to see someone so far from home. Fisher has a large system of Alumni who really reaches out to their current students through their CARD system.

All in all, at the conference, I reflected on a lot. I looked at the past 3 years I’ve served here as a leader on Fisher’s campus, I looked back at my high school years and finally I looked at how Fisher has prepared me for the next step in life.

Near or far, I realized, it’s great having Fisher family around!

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