Friday, May 14

Rochester Hot Spots

Nestled in the heart of Monroe County, Rochester is a hotspot for college students throughout the area because of the cities nightlife, well known restaurants, and various attractions and activities. As a native of Syracuse, this will be my second summer away from home and working for the college admissions office. During the summer months I live in the Park Avenue district of the city. The city of Rochester has so much to offer with an endless list of activities to keep myself busy throughout the summer months.

The area is a great place for running, with local parks and trail ways within jogging distance. The Park Ave neighborhood is also host to the famous Park Ave Festival featuring local bands and different venues throughout the Rochester area; I can hardly wait for the fest to begin. Restaurants line the area with everything from Cajun to your average burger joints. But when visiting Rochester there is one thing you can’t go without in order to have the true Fisher experience, a garbage plate from Fairport Hots! Don’t forget to check out the different pizza parlors if you’re ever in the area as well, we have everything from Chicago’s deep styled to the traditional Salvatore’s.

I look forward to spending my summer on Park Ave. The area is a big college hotspot for students from all the different Rochester area schools including Nazareth, Fisher, U of R, and RIT. I hope to meet some new friends and get some rest because before we know it September will be approaching and its back to Fisher for another jam packed year of classes and campus events.

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