Thursday, May 13

Summer & The City...

Hello All!

It’s officially summer! Well… kind of… it technically is summer but the weather feels like its still March. Mother Nature can’t seem to make up her mind! These past few weeks just flew by. I swear it feels like I was in class just yesterday and already I’m moved into my summer apartment downtown and my senior friends have graduated. Senior Week was a lot of fun, I ended up going to Senior Ball and it was amazing. There was dancing, great food and the location was awesome this year downtown at the Convention Center. It’s hard to believe that next year will be my year and I'll be the one graduating! Although graduation is bittersweet and finals are a pain, summer in Rochester is awesome! That’s why Fisher’s location is so great. Pittsford is such an awesome area since it’s so close to everything. You’re 10 minutes from the City of Rochester, an hour or so from Buffalo, and just a short drive to places like Syracuse and Albany. Rochester is awesome for everything from its job opportunities and festivals (Like the Lilac Fest this weekend!!) to awesome coffee shops like Spot Coffee and sporting events like the Knighthawks (indoor lacrosse) games and Red Wings (baseball). My friends and I never have a problem finding things to do here.

As for what I've been up to, I'm taking a quick vacation to Florida on Saturday and I CANNOT wait!!!!! Its going to be great! I have also been staying busy with work and have been just getting settled here in my apartment. Not going to lie, its kind of weird having your first apartment on your own. But so far so good!

Well time to prep for a meeting!

Until next time,


These are some pictures from Senior Ball!

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