Friday, July 2

YOUniversityTV Comes to Fisher

You know what they say, “seeing is believing”, and seeing everything Fisher has to offer through a virtual setting will be the newest way you can see Fisher and all the opportunities it has to offer. YOUniversityTV, a number one stop during the college process, is an online TV network that works with hundreds of colleges across the country by creating a virtual peek into the college experience. Fisher had the wonderful opportunity of hosting YOUniversityTV yesterday as they filmed video segments of our campus that will result in a video airing on their website this September!

I was fortunate enough to be a part of the filming process as one of the student interviewees about campus life at Fisher! Shanna, a producer for the TV network, became Fisher’s host and we spent the day with the Office of Admissions traveling all around campus taking shots and filming different segments. Visiting campus in person is great, but the new video will be a great sneak peek of what we have to offer here at the College.

I was given a unique opportunity where I received a Small Wonder Pocket video recorder. With the video recorder I’ll be able to shoot short video segments about life in Rochester and the different hot spots on campus. The videos will be used on the YOUniversityTV website as well! Be sure to check back this September when the video is complete and uploaded to our site, and don’t forget to check out their website! It’s a great research tool when looking and applying for college, and one of the newest ways to get another look at Fisher and all its happenings.

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