Thursday, September 30

Busy Busy Week

This week has been a very busy week. It seems like the time is flying by. This week I have really been focusing on the club, Council for Exceptional Children. This year I am co-president of this club. It is a national club that was recently brought to St. John Fisher. We are currently working on building it up. We have plenty of ideas for this year and are really hoping to get this club going.

There are many clubs on campus and there are very good ways to get involved. There are both special interest and academic clubs which means no matter what you are interested in there is definitely something for you! If you find that there is a club you wish to see on campus that is not currently started you can always make a proposal for a club to be started. You would do some prep work to get the club off the ground. It is an amazing way to get involved on campus. There are some amazing volunteer opportunities that happen on this campus and there is always something new being started.

Have to get back to the planning. Have a great week! Talk to you all next week!


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