Friday, October 1

Math and Writing Center

Hey Guys,

I hope you are all having a great week! I am super excited because I found out today that I was hired as a tutor in Fisher’s Writing Center! English is one of my majors so I was beyond happy when I found out I got the job. The Writing Center is just one of many resources available to help students get the extra support they need in different subject areas. In the Writing Center we specialize in helping students with writing assignments for any class. We will go over things with you such as: brainstorming, thesis development, the paper’s structure, and the audience you are addressing. Each tutorial session is a half hour, but feel free to schedule a large block of time to receive a lot of one on one attention!

Along with the Writing Center, the Math Center is also a great resource. When you sign up for a tutorial with a math tutor, you are paired with someone who has already taken your math class and performed well in it. I know I have been visiting on a regular basis to get help with my statistics homework. I will definitely be going next week before my big exam!

Well, time to go tutor guys!

Marissa =)

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