Friday, October 1

Fisher King's Rugby

Hello readers,

Today I would like to talk about the St. John Fisher Kings men's rugby club. I am personally infatuated with the team because I am on it but I want to take some time to share my feelings about the team with everyone.

Created in 1991, the men's rugby club has had quite the ups and downs. In its almost 20 years of existence, the club has gone from a rugby super power to a rebuilding project as it is this year. This spring will mark the 20th Anniversary of the team and we plan on making this season one to remember. So far this season we are 0-2 but we played very well in both matches and surprised a lot of people with the fight we put up against the very strong Canisius and UB teams. This week, we roll into Alfred with a vengeance of last year losing a close game to the team. With our captain, Steve "Quix" Arango out this game with 11 stitches in his head from the Canisius match, the newer guys on the team prepare for a lot of play time. I am very confident we will come away with our first win of the season and then next week we will face Brockport at Brockport so we would love any support! Come watch at cheer on the King's in this rebuilding project. We won't disappoint!

Until next time,

William R. Walter III
Class of 2013

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