Monday, October 4

Fright Night

Hey There!

Another awesome weekend with my Fisher family! This weekend we took a trip with the Student Activities Board to Darien Lake. We started out the morning having brunch in Haffey with a new friend who's a freshman this year. After a short bus ride we arrived at Darien Lake for Fright Fest. Of course the first thing we did was enjoy the scenery including the hot pink zombie fountain. Awesome. Then it was off to the rollercoasters! 208 foot drop at 76 degrees? No problem! The problem was when the ride finished. I had pocket dialed my friend and left a really embarrassing voicemail of my pleading to get off the coaster just before we dropped off the highest peak. I bet that's hitting youtube right about now. Haha!

The real fun happened after dark. As night hit Fright Fest was terrifying! After Crazy Cliff's Nightmare magic show we took a trip through the woods on the Fright Night Field trip bus. Zombies popped out from behind trees and chased us down! Certainly a great start to October and it got us pumped for Halloween! Rochester is full of great things to do for Halloween including Haunted Hayrides, Haunted Houses, corn mazes, pumpkin patches, apple picking, and spooky movie nights. Absolutely my favorite time of the school year!

See you later!


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