Tuesday, October 5

Lavery Library

Hello Everyone!

Another busy week ahead! It is only Wednesday and I have already spent many hours in the library. The Lavery Library is a great location on campus to get work done.

I was never a fan of working in a library until I arrived at Fisher. They have everything I need whether it is a computer, a children’s book, or the help of a librarian. The Lavery Library is especially helpful to Education Majors. On the bottom floor of the library is a children’s library. It is one of the largest in the area. The library consists of picture books, chapter books, teacher resources, puppets, big books, textbooks, and magazines. When working on a project I always find myself turning to that part of the library. If I cannot find what I need there is a librarian in this section of the library who can always help me with what I am looking for.

I have hyperlinked the library site here. Go ahead, take a look and see what I am talking about.

Have a great week!


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