Tuesday, September 21

Courage Bowl!!

Saturday night was such a fun filled night! My friends and I attended the Courage Bowl downtown at the Marina Auto Stadium! The Courage Bowl is the football game that raises money for Camp Good Days, a camp for children to go to who have cancer! The football game is played against the University of Rochester! All proceeds go to the camp, allowing children to attend! My friends and I left campus and arrived downtown with plenty of time to spare (good thing we left early because we kind of forgot about all the construction downtown and we got just a little bit lost!!).

The game was FULL of action!! It started with the first kickoff! Fisher received the ball and scored a TOUCHDOWN right away! This got the crowd sooo excited!! Everyone was on their feet cheering and shouting! The action kept going throughout the game and ended with Fisher winning 49-21! This means that Fisher still remains undefeated because we have won ALL 6 Courage Bowls!!

The Courage Bowl is one of my favorite events that happens at Fisher because it benefits children, no matter who wins the game!! Everyone comes out for the event and supports such a great cause! I am sad because I am a senior and that was my last Courage Bowl! I guess I will just have to come back to Rochester each year to see the game!

Talk to you soon!


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