Wednesday, September 22

Welcome back!

Hi everyone!

This semester is going great. I hope it is for you as well. Tons of things are already going on at Fisher! It is hard to believe that we have only been back for 3 weeks because everything is already in full swing.

I just thought I would explain courses and credit hours to you. A class is usually 3 credit hours. A credit hour refers to the amount of time you spend in class. If you are in a 3 credit class then you are in the class for 3 hours. If you are in a 1 credit class then you are in the class for 1 hour. In a given semester it is suggested that you take fifteen credits. This would be 5 courses normally.

The minimum is 12 credits and the maximum is 19 credits. For example, I am taking six 3 credit courses and one 1 credit course. Therefore, I am at 19 credits. Now that we have credit hours we can move onto courses. Each major has requires certain course for you to take. On top of that each student must complete their undergraduate course requirements. This consists of 5 tiers all with their own content area. For example, one of the five would be Religion, Philosophy, or Ethics. There are many courses to choose from so do not worry about having to take a class you are not interested in. Click here to take a look at the courses that were offered this semester.

That’s it for me this week I have to get back to the homework! Have a good week. Talk to you guys next Wednesday!


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