Monday, September 27

Hello Everyone,

It is so nice to be back at Fisher! Since this is my first time bogging, I figured I would give you some background information about myself! I am a sophomore here at Fisher; I am a triple major in English/Adolescent Education/Special Education. I am very involved with the First Generation Scholarship and the Student Ambassador Program. I chose Fisher because of the sense of community you get just from walking around campus. Everyone is so friendly and caring, and it is very easy to make friends and get involved!

As I said I am very happy to be back, but the first couple weeks of school can be a little crazy. You have all new classes and professors that you have to get used to, you are trying to get your dorm room all organized, and spending time with all your friends! Now that we are in our third week of classes I feel much more organized and settled into my schedule. I love all my classes this semester, even my 8am! All my professors are readily available to help with any concerns or questions I have been having, and I really enjoy meeting new people in my classes each semester.

I am looking forward to another awesome year here at Fisher! I can’t believe I am already a sophomore, it really is true “time flies when you are having fun!”

Best Wishes,


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