Tuesday, September 28

Open Mic Night and Road Trip!

One of the things that I love the most about Fisher is that there is ALWAYS something to do! Thursday night my friends and I went to Open Mic Night to watch one of our friends perform. Open Mic was held in Campus Center, which is a place where there is a stage so the performers could perform on it! Our friend played a John Mayer song and did an amazing job! There were about 10 people who performed, and all the acts were great! I really enjoyed seeing how much talent people have, especially those people that you never thought could sing! Each performer was being judged, and in the end, our friend Matt won 2nd place!! We were so proud of him!! My friends and I really had a great time listening to everyone perform!

On Saturday, my friends and I took a little road trip to Hobart to support the Fisher football team! Fisher played Hobart at 7:00 Saturday night. Hobart is about 45 minutes from Fisher so it was not that bad of a drive (and we did NOT get lost going to this game!). There were actually a lot of Fisher fans there! The game was full of action once again! In the end, Fisher won 34-14! My friends and I had a great time cheering on the football team! It was a nice little road trip because we did not have to travel far, and the fact that Fisher won again!

Have a great week!


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