Friday, October 29

Haunted Hayride

There was a lot going on throughout campus this weekend. There was a comedian, haunted hayride, and many movies. My friends and I chose to go on the Haunted Hayride that was being put on by Chemistry Club.

The hayride was on Friday night in Williamson, New York. There was a bus provided because of the distance to the location and there were 40 students that were attending the event. We arrived at the hayride around 7:45. There was a huge line and many of us thought it would be a three hour wait. We were on the hayride no later than 8:15. This was because we had such a large group attending we were considered VIP. There was music, food, and other activities at the site making the time fly by. The hayride itself was about a half hour and a lot of fun! The best part was our whole wagon were Fisher students. We were on the bus shortly after and we were back at Fisher by ten. It was a lot of fun and it was one of the best hayrides I have ever been on!

Like I said earlier, there were many other things going on throughout campus this weekend. This was just the one thing my friends and I chose to do.

Have a great weekend!


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