Monday, November 1

Trick or Treat!

Halloween weekend was amazing! After spending several days perfecting my Harry Potter costume it was complete and ready to go by Friday night. I went home on Saturday morning to visit my family and to go to a family Halloween party. It was all the traditional fall time activities like bobbing for apples, a costume contest, cider and candy etc. I returned to Fisher on Sunday morning to spend Halloween night with my friends at school. After a serious homework session I went to Cardinal Chorale practice and got ready for a scary movie marathon with the girls.

After practice we gathered in my room to eat homemade pumpkin pie and watch zombie movies! Trick or treating was out of the questions due to the rain. The weather turned from bad to worse over the course of a few hours. We were happy to be cozy inside my dorm (I think I saw a few snow flakes falling out there!). It wouldn't be the least bit surprising to see snow in Rochester at this time of the year.

It's all downhill from here now! Just joking! It's time to really get to work on projects, papers and presentations for the end of semester. It's coming a lot sooner than I thought. Back to work now!

See ya!


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