Wednesday, November 3


This week was very busy. Now that Halloween is over many people are preparing for Thanksgiving and the end of the semester. It is hard to believe that the semester is more than half over. We only have like 6 weeks left of the semester. This means that it is time to register for classes.

This week all students got an email saying that the new schedule for next year is out and to start thinking about what classes they have to or want to take. I have already started planning and deciding when I want to take the courses that I have to. I have chosen to take 19 credits again next semester and like I stated a few weeks ago, the normal for most students is 15. Although, the minimum is 12 and the maximum is 19. We also received emails from our advisors telling us to set up our meeting times. All students have the opportunity to meet with their advisors to discuss their long term plans and the courses they plan to take the next semester. Your advisor will also give you a pin number so that you can register online. This is a very smooth process for everyone on campus. It is very quick and easy.

For a little bit more information you can look at the courses offered that I gave a link for a few weeks ago. Hope everyone has a great week!


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