Thursday, November 4

Hey Everyone,

I can’t wait until tomorrow because my parents are coming to Fisher for parent’s weekend! I love parents weekend because it allows us to show our families why we love being here so much! Tomorrow when they arrive, my first stop will be Wal-Mart…I am really running low on all the college essentials, including: Post-It notes, Easy-Mac, and coffee.

There are a lot of campus activities going on this weekend, being put on by different campus organizations. Friday night there will be a casino set up in Cleary Family Auditorium and Saturday there is the football game (which my dad is very excited about), a Harry Potter mystery dinner theatre, and many other things! I know me and my friends are super excited because all of our families are going to go to a local restaurant to eat and spend some time together, so we are all looking forward to that=) It will be a nice change of pace to just relax and spend some time with my parents, because school is definitely getting a little crazy! I cannot believe this semester is almost done=/ Crazy!!!!

Talk to you guys soon,


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