Thursday, November 4

Dave Matthews Band Concert!

Last night, my friends and I drove to Buffalo and went to the Dave Matthews concert! We all love Dave and we usually go to his concerts in the summer, so when we found out he was touring this fall we had to go! We left Rochester around 4:30 and arrived in Buffalo around 5:30. We went out to dinner and then made our way to the HSBC arena, where the concert was. The concert was amazing!! Dave played for almost 3 hours! I have never seen a Dave concert in an inside venue, so I was not sure how I would like it. Well, I loved it!! The concert got over with around 11:00 and I finally got back to Fisher around 1:00 in the morning! It was a long night but totally worth it!

One great thing about Rochester and going to Fisher is how close you are to other cities. Buffalo is about 1 hour west of Rochester and Syracuse is a little over an hour east of Rochester. So if you want to go to an event in one of the cities, you do not have to go far! So far this semester I have gone to Buffalo 3 times for different concerts and games!
Well, I am off to get some work done! Talk to you next week!


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