Monday, November 8

The Times They Are A-Changin'

As winter rolls in, the sweatpants, hoodies, and UGG boots start to show their faces around campus once again. The trees have changed their colors to magnificent oranges reds and yellows and a constant chill is in the air. To those summer lovers here at Fisher I give my wholehearted apologies when I say WINTER IS COMING! I cannot wait until the campus is frosted over and becomes a beautiful winter wonderland. What is not fun about winter? Ski club starts at local Bristol Mt, Christmas rolls around, just to name a few. Ok, the driving may stink a little but with all the good about winter there has to be a little bad. I love winter if you cannot tell. One thing from last year that winter brings that I am hoping to partake in once again on campus is the Teddi Dance For Love. This is our 24 hour dance marathon to benefit Camp Good Days and Special Times. Anyone who is not familiar with it on campus should attend the meetings Wednesday at 9:30! You won't regret it! Well, I have to go close my windows and keep that winterish chill out of my room so...until next time!

William R. Walter III

Class of 2013

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