Monday, November 8

Parents Weekend!

This weekend was Parents Weekend here at Fisher. All our parents come to see what's going on with the Fisher campus and to take part in all the festivities we have planned. Although my parents couldn't make it, I still had a great time. On Saturday morning I enjoyed watching our football team out in Growney stadium. It was a little rainy so we all huddled under a huge tent set up near the Fishbowl. I couldn't stay for the whole game because I had an interview for a Resident Assistant position for the spring semester! Keeping my fingers crossed!

Saturday night was the best! Fisher Players put on a murder mystery Harry Potter style in Cleary Auditorium. My friend Meg and I were the hosts of the show! I dressed up as the Fat Lady in the portrait that guards the Gryffindor common room and Meg was the crazy Professor Trelawney. Everyone else was either a professor, a student at Hogwarts or a character commonly seen in the Harry Potter movies. It was a classic case of whodunit! All the characters had clues that the audience needed to figure out in order to solve the mystery of who petrified Ron Weasley. To everyone's surprise the criminal was the no good reporter Rita Skeeter played by Julie Moslow! We all had a great time and we're really excited for Fisher Players presentation of Cinderella! It's only 2 weeks away!!!

Homework time! See ya later!


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