Monday, November 8


Facebook as many know, is one of the most famous social networks in the history of social networks. It is a magical place of wall posts, pictures of yourself, and status updates, but are students getting addicted? I have spent numerous hours in the library and computer lab this year and it has attracted my attention lately how many students are always on Facebook. I do have to admit I use it a good amount but I have always been the kind of person who puts school work in front of my social life so I can part myself from Facebook when I need to focus instead of socializing via the internet. I think this has gotten a little out of hand but, it really is not all students' faults. There is so much to do on Facebook: Farmville, ESPN College Town, creeping on people you don't yet know...and plenty more. I advise students to make your priorities more set in stone. If you have homework, that should be first over Facebooking. Well, I have to go see if Susie is Facebook official with Tom yet so...until next time

William R. Walter III

Class of 2013

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