Friday, October 29

Open House

Hey Everybody,

If you did not get to join us this weekend for Open House you missed out! The day was a huge success. Open Houses are a great way for prospective students to come check out everything Fisher has to offer. You will get to talk with faculty and staff, professors within your major or areas of interest, and enrolled students! Student panels are a great way to actually see what students think about Fisher and why they decided to come here. You also get to talk to people like me! As a Student Ambassador I give tours of campus and answer any questions you may be having about the college life- anything from what is your favorite class? To how is the food? There is no dumb question! We want you to feel as comfortable at Fisher as we do!

Didn’t get a chance to check us out? NO WORRIES! There are plenty of Open Houses coming up! The next one is on November 13th from 1-5pm. You can register right online (it is super easy!), and we are definitely looking forward to meeting you!



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