Wednesday, October 27

This past week was my last week student teaching with my 1st graders at Longridge Elementary School in the Greece school district. To celebrate my accomplishment of making it through my first student teaching placement, my friends Kendra, Chrissy and I decided to go out to dinner! We went to a restaurant on Park Ave. Park Ave. is a street that is really close to Fisher that has shops, restaurants and houses on it. It is a really nice street especially when it is nice out! The restaurant that we went to was called Magnolia’s. It was a little cafĂ© that was sooo nice! We had soup and sandwiches and just had a nice relaxing meal!

That is one thing I really like about Fisher, the location. Fisher is in a great location because it is close to downtown Rochester. There are so many unique stores and restaurants in Rochester! While we were eating dinner, people were walking along Park Ave. and enjoying the night! After dinner, we headed back to school to watch the Yankee game. Some of our guy friends came over and we all watched the game together! (yes we were all upset how it ended!)

This weekend is Halloween and I am looking forward to my last Halloween at Fisher! Should be lots of fun!


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