Sunday, October 17

Hey Everybody,

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh midterms are here!!!!!!!! Where has the semester gone? Before you know it finals will be creeping up! We are on our fall recess right now, which is a couple days off to catch up. However, all I do is think about schoolwork over break, so it isn't too relaxing! I only have three midterms so I am lucky compared to some people.

I am trying to relax a little too though. Today I went to watch my two best friends' soccer game (they play for Fisher); they kicked Elmira's butt! And then tonight there is a football game. We are playing Hartwick and it should be super exciting because Fisher has an awesome record! {editor's note: Fisher won 41-14, improving their record to 7-0} The weather is also beautiful today! So a couple of friends and I are heading down to the canal for a walk and a bite to eat!

TaTa For Now!


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