Monday, October 18

Home Sweet Home

We didn't have classes last Friday so I decided to take a mini-break and visit my family. I love how Fisher is close enough so I can visit home on a long weekend. This was my first weekend at home since school started in September and I was really missing mom's cooking and not having to do my own laundry. I drove home Thrusday night after class and got home just in time for bed. I actually missed sleeping in my own dorm, probably because I don't have to share a room with my sister. Friday I carved pumpkins with my brother and sister and visited a local cider mill. Saturday my family went on a haunted hayride and enjoyed some early halloween fun because I plan on spending Halloween with my friends at school. Every year my friends and I dress up and go trick or treating at houses surrounding the campus. On Sunday morning I drove back to school so I had time to study for a test on Monday morning.

It was a great weekend and I really enjoyed spending time with my family. Time is flying by and it will be the end of the semester soon! Gotta go study for that test!


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