Thursday, October 21

This past week was a busy week for all. It was our four day week, therefore we only had one day of classes left as of Wednesday! This means that people were all hard at work to get their homework done for the weekend.

Many people went home for the weekend, took a short vacation, or went on a school trip. For example, there were two school trips this weekend. One was a trip to Boston the 15th-17th. The student's ticket included the transportation and hotel. The other trip this past week was a trip to Cedar Point. This again was from the 15th-17th. This ticket includes transportation, hotel, and park admission. There were still many things going on throughout the campus this weekend too. Just because it's a long weekend does not mean that there is no one on campus. For example, this weekend there was still a movie being shown for students who were on campus.

Hope everyone had a good four day weekend! Talk to you all next week!


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